Friday, December 11, 2009

You, Me, and Us - The Individual vs. The Collective

 Which comes first? Your answer dictates where you sit in this room (and probably whether or not you bookmark this site).

Those that believe that individual rights were the guiding force behind the creation of this nation, that people are inherently good at their core (until they prove otherwise), that if left to their own devices will  create a better life for themselves and their families, thereby creating a better standard of living for all will, hopefully, enjoy this site.

If, on the other had, you believe that man must be chained to collective action and thought for the sake of what is called 'the common good', then much of what you see and read here will shock you. It will piss you off. But it will make you think. And that, my friend, is our intention.

Our nation has a long, colored, and quite interesting history. Independent minds threw off tyranny like an old coat and built this great nation from scratch, but it seems lately we've thrown them under the bus. Washington, Franklin, Adams, Payne, Jefferson, and several other couragious people led an upstart group in a new land against Britain when nobody messed with the Union Jack (revisionists like to focus on the more negative aspects of these fallible folk,  but thats another post).

From Washington' principled leadership, western expansion and military genius, to Lincoln's ulimately succesful, albeit personally tragic, efforts to keep the nation from crumbling, to Reagan's couragious stand against the ravages of socialism, both home and abroad, America has long been the home of men and women who were willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom and liberty.

And the ladies, including Jane Adams, charter member of the NAACP, Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, and Susan B. Anthony, champion of women's rights, and countless others, that worked tirelessly and courageously to advance new ideas in social and civil rights, medicine, and law.

For the past 233 years, our nation has been a beacon of hope for humanity. We've certainly made mistakes along the way, but freedom and liberty have always been the guiding force. Here's to the power and fire of the individual, with all their scratches and scars, struggling to continue the traditions, swimming against the tide, pusing back the collective creep that has destroyed so many great societies before us. If it weren't for you, we would all be speaking French.

Well, that's all for now. As you can see, we're just another group of right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe what made this country unique needs to recycled. If you agree with us, join, comment, argue and debate. Only good can come from it. If you don't, stick around anyway, make your point, call us names, whatever. Maybe we can all learn a little from each other.

Politics, local news, sports, entertainment, its all fair game. If you have a rant, write it. If you have a comment or suggestion, throw the ball up and lets play.

Thanks again for visiting.


The Hard Truth

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