Friday, January 8, 2010

The Great Pile-On

You just  know the end is near when even the Friends of Obama Club is piling on.

It is so not a good sign for Comrade Obama and his posse when even the Commy News Network (CNN for the moderates) is getting into the act of smacking this administration around like an Ali sparring partner.

 Even Lee Stranahan at the Huffington Post is getting in on the act. Stranahan has long been a vocal Obama supporter but recently published a video documenting our President's obvious reversals on his health care promises.

And you really know your in trouble when that bastion of comedic bomb-throwing, John Stewart, gets in on the pummeling. Stewart recently took the President to task on the Daily Show.

After campaigning on transparency in government, even being so specific as to promise that the health care debates would be broadcast live on C-Span, President Obama has done lied again.

After campaigning on closing GITMO, after promising to federally "stimulate" the economy, change the tone, reverse the tides and plug the ozone hole, Obama is finally beginning to alienate the very people that supported him.

The latest Rasmussen poll finds Obama with a -14 rating, far and away the fastest first-year free fall of any president in memory. His amateurish over-promising, coupled with his childish blaming of the Bush Administration are largely to blame for this.

No Mr. President, you most certainly do not get a 'do over'.

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